“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”

You’re god damn right.  This lil guy of blunt honesty has quickly ascended to the top of my “Meaningful life quotes stored in the notes section of my phone.” list and for that very reason, honesty.  Let’s be real here, I can understand where nothing in life is as simple as input A leads to output B (despite us all wishing that) but input A starts with a somewhat conscious recognition of output B.  You then ask yourself, are you okay with this output?  Do I let this output come to fruition or am I content with where I stand now. But watch for the creeping hands of doubt reaching for your ankles. The in-between phase of doubt and uncertainty is toxic.  I know things are easier said then done but re-read the quote.  If you do not feel some sense of obligation to sit back and recognize whether the universe around you is where you want it, then maybe it is time to decide if you live in complacency.  Complacency is toxic, settling for less is toxic, using the word toxic repeatedly is toxic, fajita grill is toxic.

(I digress).

If you find yourself contemplating time after time again and to no results then grow as a person and accept the responsibility to make them.  Failure sucks, but I have gotten to the point where wallowing in self-pity is worse than failure.

So there are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.


Perspective…..and Spit-balling (v1).

So I Haven’t had a post in awhile, I guess my beacon for creativity has been absent much like Aaron Hernandez’s intelligence, along with his inability to successfully pull off a murder (C’mon take some notes from OJ).  Regardless I’m here to spitball I suppose whatever pops into my head..

I never realized how hysterical Jimmy Fallon is, the guy is a point blank genius.  Which leads me to of course over-analyze the term “Genius.”  Funny how the word can fall into so many different realms of meaning, rendering it almost undefined and left basically up to interpretation, which I guess can be done to other words as well such as “Swerve.”  But who can be considered as a concrete, exemplary person of genius?  Of course you got your Einsteins (nerd) and Steve Jobs (hipster), but is it safe to say that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are geniuses? (Stoners, but you fucking bet).  Actually if I wanted to I can classify the geniuses of history in regards to contemporary stereotype, but I wont because you get the picture.

The question of interpretation and perspective has been a long time value I’ve held close as I traverse through life and everything that comes with it.

“In the end, it boils down to two simple choices. Either you do or you don’t. You’d think with all the problems in this world, there’d be more answers. It’s not fair… but that’s the way things are. The choice is yours.”  – FF IX.

Very applicable quote from a very beloved source which is ridden with nostalgia.  But it doesn’t get much more simple than that, its the truth.  Everything comes down to a decision that seems like forever when processing, but will be executed in such a speed that it’ll make losing your virginity look like the Indy 500.  You do or you don’t, you either have the greatness of your decisions forever eternalized or your embarrassment, but regardless the choice is yours to make.  There’s a dozen of people in history we can turn to validate this; Martin Luther King, the dude who jumped from space, Ralph Macchio, etc.  Perspective defines the character of who we are, it’s the one thing that we will always have, not at all like the Jordan 8’s you own or the girl who’s only sleeping with you because you give her free drugs.  Situations arise and so do emotions.  But the choice you make in that split second where time comes to a halt and the frenzied search within your mind to deduce the most gratifying decision will govern the future, and you as an individual.


The Culture of Hashtagging.


It could be debated that what Twitter has invoked in this day and age can be classified as a social phenomena, perhaps even a culture of its own.  In this realm of 140 characters or less you will encounter everything that is wrong with the world, to everything obscured in the depths of timelines that is right with the world (my faith for humanity is strong).   But through this constant process of endlessly scrolling to confirm that your life sucks as much as the next guy there is even a bigger phenomena occurring than Justin Bieber trying to have society take him seriously as an artist.  This subtly acknowledged yet constantly abused sensation is worth more than 140 characters could ever offer, I’m talking about the Hashtag.  Where did this symbol of self-expression come from? Did it even exist before Twitter?  The truth is that this miniature form of Tic-Tac-Toe did indeed exist before twitter, but who the fuck cares about it if it’s not emphasizing the fact that you’re getting #turnt with the #team tonight.  The hashtag is like a little ball of clay that if used effectively can be molded into the god-damn Sistine Chapel, the problem is everyone thinks they’re fucking Michael-Angelo.

The hashtag in its most primitive form serves as the digest of one’s thought, which to a certain demographic consists of tossing out Drake’s newest lyrics or whatever the fuck “Hitting up the mall being #boutthatlife” means.  Despite this, the hashtag’s prominence has surfaced onto all mediums of social communication.  To start the hashtag determines (in regards to Twitter) what is currently trending throughout not only the United States but the world.  Not only can we show the world how culturally advanced we are with the hottest topics for discussion being “#reasonswhyurmyex” and “#teamRihannafuckChrisbrown” but we can also make sure we get everyone’s credible voice on the matter by simply clicking on said trend.  In its defense progression has been made with specific movements of charitable efforts and awareness through the hashtagging phenomen, and to not sound like a complete pessimist most trends usually do consist of recent news and issues.

Moving past twitter we see the hashtag now being utilized as an entity in pop culture.  Will.I.Am. recently entitled his most recent album of second-rate electronic noise with a hashtag.  No surprise here, any artist who fucking uses a hashtag as part as an album title is a gimmick barely hanging on the edge of relevance.  But this is crazy, and certainly a first.  Rather than having a sentimental, corny album title which he could at least argue has value he made an inanimate social media symbol part of his title.  Now when I argue about the hashtag I’m all for the sarcastic and legitimate use of it, but when it’s abused by this delusional fuckstick who thinks he’s half robot and living in the future (relax people still do drive 99’Corollas) that’s where I draw the line.  But like I said the hashtag is what you make of it, to gain trending status and publicity popular TV shows now even have you tweet a hashtag then whatever it is they’re promoting.    This is why the hashtag is a completely separate entity from Twitter and other social media venues, people even hashtag in conversations for Christ’s sake.   So next time you go to hashtag throw some wit into the kettle, don’t be the same as everyone else, if it’s anything we should know or have to learn about this world it’s separating ourselves from one another and innovate.  And who knows, the next big thing could start with a simple # in front of it.  Simple ideas of innovation can start from the smallest of things, there are juxtapositions of this all around us, just look at your Iphone.  The hashtag is an infinite means of expressing every spectrum of personality, and just like personality it either sucks or it doesn’t.


First Post? Lets talk shit!

Now I don’t want this to come off as an angst filled plea for society to return to a more simplistic time (or do I?) but more a means for me to express my thought and cynicism on some current trends in culture. What’s different here? Probably not much, this is basically an alternative to abusing Social Media the way it should be intended, which is invoking a cataclysm of reaction from everyone you know by saying something they might not agree on, but hear me out. As a guy who’s relatively up to date with current trends along with a knack of exploiting this through sarcasm (I try) I have a pretty well understanding of getting #hyphy on noticing the hilarity of the things people take seriously nowadays. This can range from “ASAP RICHIE” tweeting “Turnt with the team tonight #nonewfriends” No new friends huh? Is that impetuous wisdom Confucius? Thing is, for some odd reason tossing this slang out to your estimated 200 followers gives the Poster a sense of originality, as in recycling Drake’s newest lyrics first on twitter makes you appear that much cooler and up to date on music. Quite simply what the fuck is the point, we know you THINK you sound cool because Drake said it, but in reality is Drake really that cool? (Multi-Millionare,Platinum selling artist, has traversed the mountains we know as Nicki Minaj’s Ass).

Whatever fuck you, you’re not Drake you’re a suburban try-hard whose about as original as the “Retro” NY Knicks snapback your wearing. You’ll soon realize that the people you want to surround yourself with (trust me I know) (I’m in a frat) (ensue Stereotypical contradictions) will come to you when you start acting genuine, not by following a carbon-copy cult fueled by Worldstar Hip-Hop. I’m not saying ban all snapbacks (but we fucking should) I’m saying restore the ingenuity you possibly once had and rock whatever the fuck you want with that type of #swag.